From Guatemala to Target

Why shouldn’t fabric threads weave together centuries of tradition? As part of our new Accompany Us to Target collection, we’re spotlighting artisans — and their craft — from three countries, including hand woven, dip dyed bags from Guatemala that do more than meets the eye for the women who create them.

While the artisan loom-weaving traditions that make each bag so unique may date back to the time of the Mayans, updated dip dyeing technique in fresh, fun colors that mimic the vibrancy of the country itself bring a modern twist. Reach for our Tie-Dye Tote and you’ll see how fun accents in rich materials can help these traditions age like the pops of leather themselves: better over time. Each bag is handcrafted with pride by a large network of talented local women in the Western Highlands of Guatemala who truly believe in their home, and what they can create from its natural resources. When describing her work, one artisan smiled knowingly as she explained, “The fabrics here in Guatemala aren’t the same as other countries: they are prettier than those of other countries.”

That’s why it's so important that we work to preserve these traditional techniques in a fashion landscape increasingly reliant on fast, dangerous production processes that not only hurt our planet, but also the workers creating each piece. The rare kind of pride that comes from creating something beautiful and authentic spills translates into another kind of pride, too — your purchases help to support a number of ongoing programs in the region, from providing clean and safe drinking water to children to ensuring a living wage for the women raising them. Did you ever think a Woven Keychain or Beaded Tassel Key Fob could do that?

It’s our mission at Accompany, both through our not-so-everyday offerings and our special collaborations like this one with Target, to show that small decisions like where to buy a keychain can actually be major steps toward something much, much bigger. There’s a reason why artisan-made treasures are so much more special, not only in the feel and look of the fabrics but in how they make you and others a world away feel when you use them. Tens of thousands of hours of fair trade labor have been woven, poured and dipped into these pieces, along with new dreams that are now in reach. “I’m making five times more money than I was making,” one of our artisans said. “And I have a goal for our family: I want us to have our own house.”

Shop the full 45 product collection, including our pieces from Guatemala online at and in person at 12 locations in key markets and wear tradition proudly, the way it was meant to be. Plus, find even more expertly crafted pieces from our different community partners across Central America (and the globe) on

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