From India to Target

Who says a cosmetic bag can’t carry something bigger? As part of our new Accompany Us to Target collection, we’re spotlighting artisans — and their craft — from three countries, including the traditional block printing technique from India that makes each bag something beloved.

Passed down and perfected through the generations, true block printing (not the fast fashion stuff) starts with a carefully carved pattern in a wooden block. The block is then applied to different materials with practiced precision, creating one-of-a-kind variations every time. Take our Indigo Dark Striped Fringe Throw as an example of how artisan hands can make something timeless and completely original all in one.

A trip through our selection of other products from local spots all over India shows that block printing isn’t the only bold technique tradition has handed down there. Our Marianne Circle Pillow fuses unexpected, stylistic color choices and geometric shapes with a native embroidery process from the Kashmir region for a modern look with all the quality and craft of decades past. If you’re inspired to get out and on-the-go by the vibrant crafts and cultures (we definitely are), the Everyday Everywhere Tote is uniquely made from hand-dyed indigo cotton for a look that’s as cool as the blues that are hand-stirred to create it. You can still serve a look (pun intended) if you’re a homebody, though, with the Good to Go serving tray, a hand-painted and carved treasure that brings as much to the maker’s tables as it does to yours.

But our partnership is about more than just bold prints and expert techniques — working with these makers helps them to pass on a different kind of tradition to their families: security. In honoring these traditional techniques, we can help combat the environmental damage and human rights abuses dangerous “sweatshops” in the community create. “This work helps me raise my children,” explained one artisan. “It makes me happy and keeps my family happy.”

In addition to the fair wages they deserve, supporting these regional collections and craftspeople helps us to provide technical assistance, unprecedented financial access, and support through social development programs to artisans all throughout different parts of India. Many of these ancient techniques are also more sustainably minded than our current production processes, which means these collections do good for the planet in more ways than one.

Who knew a bright stamp from a block could become a mark of freedom and power? Shop the full 45 product collection, including our pieces from India, online at and in person at 12 locations in key markets and wear tradition proudly, the way it was meant to be. Plus, find even more expertly crafted pieces from our different community partners across India (and the globe) on

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