When it’s time to slip into something a little more comfortable, we’ll always reach for our Vejas. These impeccably crafted, incredibly chic shoes fuse style and sustainability so seamlessly that even fashion icon Meghan Markle — the Duchess of Sussex herself — was recently seen sporting a pair. (So get yours quick! Her favorites tend to sell out fast.) Cute on the outside and even more beautiful on the inside, Veja exemplifies fair trade footwear, and we’re proud to be carrying them here at Accompany.

Veja Accompany Common GroundClassically cool with a streamlined look that goes with everything from an artisan handcrafted dress to recycled denim, Veja offers the ultimate in versatility — making them a savvy choice since you’ll be sure to wear them again and again. We’ve worn them for daily travels around our hometown as well as for endless days exploring other cities and countries (pro tip: pack these on your next trip) and always end up with happy feet.

Even better, Veja is deeply committed to creating a happier, healthier planet. More so than any other sneaker brand, they refuse to compromise between great design and social responsibility. By bringing a slow fashion, handmade mentality to footwear, they’re addressing major issues relating to globalization (from production to distribution to usage) while offering some of the world’s most coveted kicks.

Veja Accompany

When building your ethical wardrobe, start from the ground up. Veja is the perfect foundation for sustainable style, beginning with the origin of each element that goes into its shoes. Every pair is crafted from carefully sourced materials that actively respect the environment and support their producers.

The organic cotton used in canvas and uppers is purchased directly from farmer associations in Peru and Brazil, in accordance with fair trade principles and at market-decorrelated prices (read: producers can earn a livable income). This fiber is durable as well as positively impactful: the farmers who grow it use agro-ecological methods to actually make the soil richer through cultivation. It’s also a statement against monoculture cotton crops, which use heavy irrigation and huge amounts of environmental pollutants — a disaster for the planet and its people. Veja also goes a step further and partners with NGOs in support of cotton producers, working together for a better system.

 VEJA Rubber from the Amazon

The soles of each pair are crafted from wild Amazonian rubber, purchased directly from seringueiro (rubber tapper) communities at prices that disincentivize further destruction of the rainforest. Veja works with environmental activists like Bia Saldanha, a co-founder of the Brazilian green party who is dedicated to preserving the forests of the Amazon; as well as with 120 rubber tapper families in the Amazon — the only place on earth where rubber trees grow in the wild. Their sustainable approach to harvesting means that trees have the opportunity to regenerate and thrive over time, while your purchase helps ensure that this generations-old culture does not disappear.



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