The continent of Africa, comprised of 55 nations, boasts a wealth of talent, natural resources and artisans who are putting a modern spin on generations-old techniques. Increasingly, their goods are coming to the global market via improvements in infrastructure and the expanding reach of the internet – driving important socioeconomic growth in a region long afflicted by poverty and political instability, and introducing the rest of the world to Africa’s beautiful handiwork and diverse aesthetics.

We’ve curated our favorite high quality artisan-made goods from Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa and elsewhere, featuring naturally sourced materials imbued with the colors, textures and traditions of their native countries. From decorative accents to enliven your living space to stunning statement accessories to give your look a unique touch, these special pieces bring the colors and crafts of Africa home – all while supporting their makers and driving positive change in their communities.

Set the table with teak and olive wood
locally sourced in Kenya, Uganda and South Africa,
accented with pops of color.

Whatever you choose to put in them, these heirloom baskets –
handwoven by women artisans in Rwanda, Uganda, Ghana and Kenya
– are full of joy and meaning.

From sophisticated horn to mudcloth textiles,
make a modern ethnic statement.

From chic shapes in earthy neutrals to bold
beaded baubles, Africa has a jewelry genre
for everyone.

Fun and philanthropic, these handmade toys
make perfect presents for the little ones.

Featuring traditional textile art, masterful
weaving and enduring designs, these extras
are the real deal.