Jurassic World Connects Craft and Culture


The Jurassic World X Accompany collection is only possible with the help of skilled artisans making every single piece by hand. Artisans like Shabana.

Shabana is a tailor with our non profit partner, Sasha, based in Kolkata, India. She makes almost everything in textile. Cushion covers, wall hanging, bags. “Whatever could be made in textile, I make everything… dresses as well.”

Shabana was the only woman from her village to seek paid work outside of the family home. She was a headstrong 20 year-old, determined to make her own way in the world - not the typical young lady found in her small rural community.

“I went to Sasha alone. So when more orders started coming in, I needed more helping hands. After that I went to the houses of neighboring girls and talked to them.”

Supporting the artisan sector creates jobs, increases local incomes, and preserves cultural traditions. Making sure ancient crafts and techniques are not lost - but preserved and help us all prosper.

“I thought that these people won’t go outside, so what I did was, I started giving work to people at their home. I used to cut pieces at home, and told the girls that they are just wasting time sitting idle at home, at least they would get pocket money out of this.”

The collection includes items for children’s mealtime, family movie nights, picnics & summer BBQs. There are soft goods with prints inspired by Jurassic-era dinosaurs. The hooded towels made by artisans like Shabana are wonderful for taking the kids to the beach or pool. If you have a Jurassic fan at home bath time is about to be much more exciting!

The pattern and print blankets pair with the Mega Feast Bowl - essentials for a cozy night on the couch to watch a movie. We made sure the dino patterned bowl was large enough to hold popcorn for the whole family.

The Born to Be Wild pillow is a fan favorite. Hand-printed on cotton, the pillow comes in three colors and features the iconic Jurassic World logo––a silhouette that dates all the way back to the release of the first Jurassic Park film in 1993.

Our accent pillows are patterned using Chunari, a traditional tie dye technique with unique significance. In Nepal, special Chunari patterns are created to mark seasons and important festivals, and to celebrate rites of passage.

Hand-printed pillow covers made by hand in Nepal

Hosting a screening of Jurassic World Dominion? Our cheese boards, platters and serving trays will wow your guests. Many of the wood items are made from neem, a versatile plant native to India, valued for centuries for its multitude of medicinal purposes.

We’re hoping that Jurassic fans & conscious shoppers alike will appreciate a product line that empowers marginalized artisan communities and advances their socioeconomic status while preserving the legacy of their cultures and crafts.


Shabana is part of a network of artisans that work for Sasha - a not-for-profit organization with links to more than a hundred artisan and craft communities all over India. These marginalized producers & artisans are from rural and semi-urban pockets of North-East India, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar and some other states.

They provide holistic support to these marginalized producers & artisans, organizing workshops and exhibitions both in India and abroad, and reviving traditional designs - facilitating a more equal relationship between craftspeople and their customers.

Sasha follows fair trade practices and motivates craft producers to adopt fair trade best practices in all the different aspects of their businesses.

Hand-carved Jurassic World Serving platters


From handcrafted apparel, home textiles, furniture gifts, metal crafts, jewelry and pottery, to decorative hangings, natural herbal body care and organic food products, Sasha’s product lines cover a wide range of craft and processes––each one deeply rooted in local culture.

For instance, Dhokra is the process of making an object first in wax then casting it in metal. It’s one of the earliest methods of non-ferrous metal casting known to human civilization. Dhokra existed under different names in all the primitive cultures of the world and was used for making everything from jewelry to utensils to images of Gods. The process is still used by Sasha artisans to this day - continuing the ancient tradition and passing the skill down to preserve its use for future generations.


Many of the fabric pieces in the Jurassic World x Accompany collection are created by our second manufacturing partner, non profit organization, Nepal’s Finest. Nepal’s Finest is a collective of six certified World Fair Trade Organizations from Nepal. Their products are handmade fusing traditional techniques and contemporary designs. They support fair, ethical production, and most producers they work with are women.

Nepal has a rich history of textile creation. For over a thousand years, Nepalis have made textiles in their homes. First, creating thread by hand then working it in a loom to create many different types of fabrics which can be dyed, screen printed or embroidered with decorative patterns. Nepalese traditional textiles employ profound patience and extreme care to produce extraordinary outcomes that are renowned around the world.

The country’s textile heritage was obvious the minute we arrived in Kathmandu. All of the women from Nepal’s Finest wear the most beautiful clothing. Ornate dresses, decorative saris & scarfs, are often made at home. The color combinations and prints were stunning.

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