Introducing: Jurassic World x Accompany


Bringing Jurassic World fans together around ethically developed design

The Jurassic World x Accompany Collection is a first-of-its-kind licensed product line for a blockbuster film franchise featuring mission-driven, fair trade homewares and accessories for adults and children, all handcrafted by artisan non-profits in India and Nepal. The collection includes items for children’s mealtime, movie nights, picnics, and summer BBQs.

For the adults there are cheese boards, platters and serving trays. The playful soft goods include hooded towels with dino spikes, pattern and print blankets, throw and accent pillows – all the essentials you need to get cozy on the couch when the titles start rolling..

The playful yet sophisticated collection celebrates traditional techniques from wood carving to hand weaving and includes Jurassic World-inspired home, living, and kitchenware as well as children’s items for mealtime, movie nights, bath time, picnics, and summer BBQs.

While some of the Jurassic World influence is unmistakable—think cotton pillows hand-printed with the film’s iconic T. rex skeleton, children’s terry cloth towels featuring a dinosaur hood and tail, and a wooden dining plate in the shape of a T. rex footprint—other items in the collection take a more design-driven approach, evoking the Jurassic era in a more nuanced, elevated way. Tote bags feature abstract dinosaur texture and teeth prints, and earthy tie-dye pillows showcase spike-like patterns.


Historically speaking, movie merchandising has not been good for the planet.

Quantity and availability are prioritized in order to capture profits around a specific moment in time - think champions-theme merch produced for the team that doesn’t win the Super Bowl. Capitalism’s approach to fandom often means wasteful production with quickly obsolete product destined for the landfill - usually landing in communities and countries much poorer than the one in which the item was intended to be sold.

Our intention for the Jurassic x Accompany collection was to create sustainable merchandise that takes movie souvenirs to the next level. It’s a truly first-of-its-kind approach for a Hollywood Studio - socially impactful, design-driven, handcrafted goods that empower marginalized artisan communities. Advancing their socioeconomic status while preserving the legacy of their cultures and crafts. These items are made with love and dedication for an impassioned fanbase looking forward to the final Jurassic World film.

Inspiration & Partnership

Jurassic World Movie Merchandise, sustainably sourced and handcrafted.

The Jurassic World X Accompany collaboration has been two years in the making. Initially kicking off in 2020 with partners at NBC Universal, the project quickly expanded to include Amblin - the production studio behind the Jurassic Park & Jurassic World films.

We see a huge opportunity to make a positive social impact on disempowered communities and non-profits worldwide through mission-driven merchandising. By harnessing the powerful pull of an Entertainment property like the Jurassic World franchise, and connecting it the demand for purposeful, artisan goods in the home décor, fashion, and gifting categories, we believe we can spark a new, meaningful era in licensed consumer goods.

We are so grateful to Universal & Amblin for collaborating with us on this pioneering collection and sharing our vision for a better future.

Handcrafted production began in late 2021 through two nonprofit fair trade producer networks: Sasha, which supports more than 5,000 skilled artisans in India, and Nepal’s Finest, which works to advance the socioeconomic status of thousands of craftspeople and their families across Nepal. As the collection began to take shape we sought to place a retail partner with credentials in the fair trade space.

Finally, we selected Ten Thousand Villages - a global maker-to-market organization with a network of over 45 branded retail stores in North America, to carry the collection. We have worked closely with ‘TTV’ as we lovingly call them, to develop the campaign for the collection, which includes storytelling that brings its artistry & product value to life.

Empowering artisan communities

Artisan-made movie merchandise

For more than 40 years Sasha has been bringing Indian artisans together to create stunning handicrafts and exquisite fashion items. Sasha works with over 100 artisan groups across the country - enlisting their skills to create stunning handicrafts, from garments to homewares.

A key figure at Sasha is Roopa Mehta. Roopa is an icon of the fairtrade movement. She is the President of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) and is CEO of Sasha.

“This collaboration has challenged us and has enriched us and I'm looking forward to much more, as are all the team members of Sasha.”

As Roopa often says, the maker-to-market movement connects all of us. Every handcrafted item has a life of meaning behind it. By building personal relationships with artisans excluded from the global economy, we see the impact of fair wages and safe working conditions.

Nepal’s Finest is a collective of six certified World Fair Trade Organizations from Nepal. Their products are handmade using traditional techniques and contemporary designs. They support fair, ethical production, and most of producers they work with are women.

Artisan groups around the world lean heavily female - roughly 70% women to men. In many regions of the world, handicrafts are one of the most accessible sources of income for women and their families. Women’s empowerment takes many forms and we’re thrilled to see many young women in the developing countries thrive through the handicraft sector.


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