Movie Night with Meaning

Jurassic World: Dominion is a story about coexistence. Humans living in harmony with other species. Understanding our place in the natural world, and our responsibility to act to protect life on earth in all its forms. It’s a theme that resonates with us as we’re constantly assessing our actions and decisions, and what impact those actions and decisions will have.

It’s why we’re so excited to develop the world’s first sustainable merchandise for a major motion picture franchise. Combining fandom with Fair Trade to make the best home and lifestyle products & gifts for dinosaur lovers.

Must-Haves for Movie-lovers

If you’re anything like us, you can’t host movie night without popcorn and plenty of snacks. One of the first pieces we developed was the Mega Feast Bowl - a hand carved serving bowl with enough space for popcorn to feed the entire herd.

For those more adventurous snackers there is the Mega Fierce Board. Perfect for an extravagant cheese plate, or chopping and preparing crudités. Just don’t forget your favorite dip.

If you’re looking for a conversation piece, the Mega Sharp Serving Dish is it. The shape of this veggie tray is inspired by the stomp of a prehistoric predator. The solid wood is hand carved so each and every one is unique just like an actual footprint. The different sections are great for holding stegosaurus sandwiches or dino-shaped cookies and candy.

Pillows with Personality

The Born To Be Wild Pillow features the iconic Jurassic logo is bound to be a hit with fans who lovingly refer to it as "Logosaurus". The image has been synonymous with the franchise since before the original 1991 film Jurassic Park as a version appeared on the cover of Michael Crichton’s book.

Along with the round pillow, there are dinosaur accent and throw pillows adorned with prints inspired by ancient ferns and razor sharp teeth. The Roar and Primal pillows are handmade by artisans in Nepal and West Bengal, using tie dye and screenprinting techniques to create the prehistoric patterns.

Get cozied up with these 100% cotton blankets - screen printed with scaly dinosaur patterns. These are handmade on wooden looms by artisans in Nepal.

Kids Playroom Essentials

What do you gift a dinosaur loving kid? How about the Jurassic World hooded beach towel. It comes in three designs, featuring open sides and hand-stitched trim with signature cotton spikes down the back. This screen-printed terry towel will delight children of all ages.

Meals are More Fun with Ferocious Flatware

This hand-carved set of kids utensils is made from naturally renewable bamboo in Northeast India. This ferocious flatware features a fork with triceratops handle and spoon with stegosaurus handle. It pairs with the Tyrannosaurus Rex Plate and one of our patterned placemats. Each placemat is hand-painted and pressed for a work of tabletop art.


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